The Empty Shells - A page devoted in remembrance of gentles who have departed from our lands. Their presence touched the Stronghold, and we wish them well on their travels.
Here are pictures taken at various past events. (Digital cameras are such fun!) The "Back" navigation buttons on the gallery pages will take you to earlier events, while the "Next" buttons will show you more recent events. You will also be able to navigate back to this page or to the home page.
Fighter Practice & Demo - 8th of June, 2008
Fighter Practice - 1st of June, 2008
Fighter Practice - May, 2008
Including videos
Baronial Coronet Tournament - May, 2007
Fighter Practice - March, 2007
Friends and BBQ - February, 2007
Yule Fest - December, 2006
Vinland Fest - November, 2006
Leif Eriksson Day - October, 2006
Ambrose's Birthday - June, 2005
Ambrose's Good Bye - July, 2005
Pot Luck - August, 2004
Coronet Hand Over - November, 2004
Twelfth Night Revel - January, 2004
Yule Feast - December, 2003
Leif Eriksson Tournament - October, 2003
Baronial Birthday Bash - June, 2003
Twelfth Night Revel - January, 2003
Baronial Coronet Tournament - October, 2002
Summer Bash - July, 2002
Their Majesties' Visit - November, 2001
Summer Bash - July, 2001
Baronial Coronet Tournament - April, 2001
Twelfth Night Revel - January, 2001
Leif Eriksson Tournament - October, 2000
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