Leif Eriksson Tournament
Celebrating the discovery of America by the Vikings (long before those Italians figured it out), the Stronghold of Warriors Gate held tournaments of might, feasted to our fill, then danced the night through. Everyone chipped in on the work, and fun was had by all.
Thanks to Baroness Morgan and Lady Seaghnait for the pictures.

While Crispin, Baroness Morgan and Saavik get ready for the day, Brant and Lady Kathryne enjoy a peaceful moment

The day's activities started with a rapier tourney

Lord Wei dodges Crispin's attack

Phtuule and Lord Moradain exchange parries

Moradain was the winner of the day on the eric

My money's on the guy in the green doublet

Wei, Crispin, Moradain and Phtuule

The populace watching the fights

Moradain and THLord Anthun charge each other in the heavy weapons tournament

Baron Sir Vebrand and Anthun shower a barrage of blows on each other

Phtuule and Moradain after taking each other's legs

Phtuule hides from Vebrand behind his shield

Vebrand proved victorious when the dust had cleared

Morgan heralding the tourneys

Some fighters were up for pick-up fights...

... but Phtuule was too wiped out for any more

Vebrand shows Brant some sword techniques

Crispin gives a rapier lesson to two new comers

Meanwhile, Jonathon helps his mom, Kathryne, prepare the feast

Seaghnait, what are you doing with that knife?

I dunno, Crispin, what d'you wanna do?
Everyone enjoying the feast - Yummy!

Benika and Lady Seaghnait finishing up some award scrolls

Benika drew up and awarded "New Bee" awards for those participating in various SCA activities for the first time

She even made little beaded wire bees as tokens


John Tallow's Cannon was but one of the many dances enjoyed that night

This was either full-contact Hole in the Wall, or people diving away from the camera

You'd almost think they were back in Gleann Abhann

Lady Caitlyn retrieves her pillow from Phtuule's villainous clutches

An exhausted

Vebrand getting silly while washing dishes in the kitchen

Jonathon caught playing a video game

But it's "Hamtaro's Castle", and castles are period, so it's ok
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