Leif Eriksson Day - 2006
The Stronghold of Warriors Gate held the first event in a long time. With Larian showing up to enliven the Stronghold, a decidedly more foot-loose and fancy-free atmosphere cold b felt. As an excuse to enliven the activities of Leif Eriksson Day, the Stronghold also descended upon the general populace of Songtan. Much to our surprise, the mundane population didn't seem at all surprised to see folks out on te town in Garb.

Larian and Lord Phtuule gearing up for the day's festivities.

Lord Cynan has Larian at a disadvantage.

Lord Phtuule and Lord Cynan face off with Larian watching on.

Hold those swords high gentlemen!

After the battle, Larian dscovers he has a pet on his armour.

Lord Cynan and Catain Foulmouth in one of her more reserved moments.

Warriors who think they can cook! The Stronghold may never recover.

Lord Phtuule is caught with his pants down.

Catain works diligently on a money box.

One more shot of Catain at work.

The finished products. The skull and crossbones is Catain's favourite.

Lord Cynan enlists the help of Geoffry to mend his armour.

Lady Bernadette (also the Birthday girl) and Catain thinking more about cake than a photo opportunity.

IN long tradition of hugs and poses, Larian poses with the Ladies.

Birthday hugs and giggles!

Lady Bernadette and Ally.

Geoffrey and John. After eating a burger cooked by a fighter, Geoffrey was never seen again.

SOme furry friends that joined the party.

Lady Bernadette's cake. Isn't it lovely?

More laughs and good times.

Catain trying to make sure we don't get pictures of the Stronghold Banner.

Ally and Catian.

Lord Cynan regales us with tales. "No kidding, there I was..."

Telling tall tales is thirsty work!

Packing up the official event.

Lord Phtuule, Ally, Catain, Lord Cynan, and larian in the Back row. Lady Bernadette and John in the front.
You'd be surprised, people in garb in a Country Western bar do not get a lot of stares.

Lord Cynan and larian enjoying each other's company wihtout sticks involved.

Discussing future events, and instituting a new tradition.

Catain steals Larian's hat and looks better in it than he des.

Lord Cynan is not amused. Well, okay, he is highly amused.
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