Coronet Tourney 2002
The October 2002 Coronet Tournament was held at Osan Air Force Base. Lord Cadogan map Cado (fighting for Maestra Eufemia Serafina de Bergamo), Baron Sir Guy LeStrange and Lady Kirstin inn Tasalda (fighting for each other), and Moradain (fighting for Leukardis de Vindobona) vied for the honor of the Coronet. Other competitions included the Baronial Martial Champion, the Baronial Champion of Arts and Sciences and a fencing tourney.

Despite the bitter cold...

...and wind, people showed up ready to have a good time

Baroness Cynesige gives the contestants a pre-tourney pep talk

Maestra Eufemia presents her sleeve as a favour to her husband, Lord Cadogan

Sir Guy and Cadogan size each other up

Lady Kirstin skewers Moradain

(Is that a slight look of "eew" on Fionndaire's face?)

Moradain lunges for Cadogan's leg

Kirstin and Guy fighting each other for each other

How ironic

A gallant septet:

Moradain, Raefon, Fionndaire, Kirstin

Cadogan, Guy, Johan

Fionndaire and Johan square off in the Champion tourney

Fionndaire vs. Cadogan

Cadogan went on to win the title of Baronial Champion
Alicia, Jamilla and Kathleen judging the Arts and Sciences entries

THLady Morgan Rowanwaif was chosen as the Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion

Lord Segan sponsored a "Poker Tourney" (pun intended). The winner of each bout got two cards. At the end, whoever made the best poker hand won!

Guy won with the best hand, and Moradain won the most bouts

Here, Guy and Fionndaire cross blades
Wei and Moradain face off

Watching the fights

Lady Lyse and Lord Segan

Aww, aren't they cute?

Eufemia and Her Excellency Cynesige

Left to right, top to bottom

Johan, Benika, Robert, Kathleen, Tom, Vincent, Leukardis, Jamilla and Brian

We even had a piper

Way cool!

Vincent and Ethan face off with boffer weapons

The shades go well with the kilt, Ethan

Tom, Segan, Vincent, and a muckin' big mallet

Our games attracted the attention of a nearby construction crew
Ready for feast to begin - and it was most tasty

Her Excellency Cynesige's last court

Morgan is inducted into the Order of the Sea Griffon

Her Excellency also recognizes Ethan, Moradain and Ron the Cook for preparing an excellent feast

And the next Baron and Baroness are...

...Sir Guy and Lady Kirstin

Sir Guy accepts the Baronial Coronet

Sir Guy places the Consort's Coronet on Lady Kirstin's head

The populace swearing homage to Their Excellencies

All hail Guy and Kirstin, the new Palatine Baron and Baroness

Hip, hip, huzzah!!
For even more pictures from Coronet Tourney, please click here.
Many thanks, Kirstin and Tom!!
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