Handing Over
Handing over of the Coronet to the New Baroness Catya. 7 Nov 2004, Autocrat: Segnat Site: Pavilion Theme: BBQ in garb.
Ex-Baron Phtuule handing over the coronet to your new Baroness Catya.

Then the Baronial Officers swear frealty(Bernadette A&S and Kathryne Senechal)

And the Baroness can have her first court with Segnat her A&S Champion and Elazar her Heavy Champion

The hasbeen Palatine Baroness Bernadette and Baron Phtuule get their Leaping Dolphins

And Alyssa gets a gift for just being amazing

Fernando stands and watches

Our newest fighter lady Guinever

Looking cute even in armor

Elazar teaches Guinevere a few things with Phtuule watching

and then they try some of the stuff out

Segnat and Phtuule shows then how its done

Well, try to show them

And then Fernando and Kathryne show us some light
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