Leif Eriksson Tourney 2000
We know who REALLY discovered America. Held around Columbus Day, the annual Leif Eriksson Tournament is always a blast. And this year was no different.
Setting up the site

Some people will go to great lengths, or even great heights, to decorate for an event

Colleen, when we said "Say cheese..."

The autocrat, Lord Edmund; the feastocrat, Lady Constance; and their son-ocrat, Ian

Off to the field

Lay on!

Clearing off the field after a good day's fighting

Shajhar and Brian mugging for the camera

(well, Brian anyway)

Constance and little Ian

Constance and Shajhar putting the last touches on the feast

Soup's on!

A cheerful crowd enjoying a fine feast

"I'll have some of these petits fours ... maybe even fives."
Awww, aren't they cute?!

Hey, Aidan's got a castle. Why don't we?

Oh, we do.


The guys ...

... and the ladies

He's at an event in nice garb, he's willingly holding a baby ... he's becoming legitimate?!! Ha!!!!!!

(Private joke that only his swamp friends might understand)

Feel the love

Cristyne, Markus and Brian

More love

Markus, Colleen and Brian
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