Yule Feast 2003
As Winter's icy fingers tickled through the trees, Warriors Gate celebrated the passing of the year with classes, fighting, feasting, and a grand game of The Great Dalmuti. Lady Kathryne led the crew as our able Autocrat, and Lady Seaghnait whipped up a sensational feast. Pictures by Baroness Morgan and Lady Seaghnait.

Crispin and Lord Wei face off on the rapier eric

Ender crosses blades with Wei

This was Ender's first try at rapier, and he made quite a good showing

Phtuule parries Crispin's attack

Lady Kathryne and Lady Caitlyn at Baroness Morgan's blackwork class

Jonathan shows off his spiffy new Korean hanbok

(Pink is traditionally a boy's color in Korea)

Lady Seaghnait doing some last minute checking on the feast

Caitlyn, Saavik, Bernadette, Phtuule, and Ender

Kathryn and Crispin brought some homemade cordials that quickly disappeared

Oh no!

It's the Anti-Baroness!

Caitlyn, as "Queen of the Bean" assigned Ender as her Royal Food Taster

Fortunately, the food he had to taste was quite good

But he double checked the chocolate rum truffles several times, just to be sure

Cleaning up after feast

No, Morgan is not going to hit Crispin with a rat-tail

Here we see Seaghnait looking stunning in a beautiful teal and white hanbok by Ajuma's in Songtan

The contestants in The Great Dalmuti

Morgan, Kathryne, Ender, Bernadette, Seaghnait and Phtuule

Ender, as the current Dalmuti, orders drinks all around

Phtuule is just smashing in his Dalmuti cap

The traditional "crashed Wei" photo

Ender proves that he can be just as exhausted as Wei

Maybe even more so
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