Twelfth Night 2004
Warriors Gate welcomed in the New Year with a laid back Twelfth Night Revel. The fighters braved the cold morning for a few pickup fights out by the basketball courts. Afterwards was an Introduction to Heraldry class followed by Heraldic BINGO! You can't beat that with a big stick. Pictures by Lady Seaghnait and Baroness Morgan.

Benika, Ender, Brad and Dyri bundled up to watch the fighting

Lady Seaghnait and Phtuule charge in on THLord Anthun

"Bring it, baby!
Let's see what ya' got!"

Phtuule steps back to take a measure of Anthun

Brad hands Anthun some duct tape to mend a loose thrusting tip

Lord Wei joins Ender and Brad in the peanut gallery

Dyri, Baroness Morgan and Benika back inside where it was warm
At Lady Kathryne's Heraldry 101 class, we all learned a very important lesson ...

Furred slips are not proper!


Brant and Jonathan horsing around

Hey, watch those kicks!

Saavik, Brant, Jonathan, Kathryn and Ender enjoying the potluck feast

Wei, Morgan and Alyssa

Benika, Phtuule and Dyri

Thanks go to Saavik for all the bottles of Hippocras you see everywhere

After feast, Morgan presented Phtuule with the Honor of the Ginger Flower from Their Excellencies, the Palatine Baron and Baroness of the Far West

Finally, Morgan and Phtuule face off over Kathryne's Tablero board
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