Summer Bash 2002
A grand time was had by all!
The day started overcast, but it cleared for the afternoon and didn't start raining until we were done. Fionndaire autocratted and was the winner of the heavy weapons tourney. Lady Lyse put on a delicious feast for us, and her husband, Lord Segan, won the light weapons tourney in her honor. TYHLady Morgan taught a few dances, and Lady Kirstin hosted the post-revel. Thanks to all who helped pull off a great event!

Fionndaire and Lamya, Lars and Lois

Howard, Genie and Simon, Alyssa

Johan, Benika, Kathrine, Leukardis, Saavik

Benika and Johan

Lady Kirstin defends herself against Fionndaire

Have at you, Travis!

Victor by death, Fionndaire!

Travis and Kirstin face off

(Insert favorite Monty Python quote here)

Lord Wei presses against Lord Segan's able defenses

Fionndaire and Kirstin prepare to cross blades

Howard falls to Wei after a heated dagger duel

Kirstin gears up two new fencers

A dashing cadre!

Segan and Wei tape on a dagger tip
Howard awaiting his next
victim - er - opponent
THLady Morgan -
List Mistress extraordinaire
Leukardis, our beloved Seneschal
I don't even want to know

Enjoying feast:
Lars, Fionndaire, Lamya, Johan, Benika, Lois, ...

... Wei, Ruben, David, Travis, Ender, Saavik ...

... Kirstin, Kathrine, Vincent, Lyse, Moradain, Felicia ...

... Simon, Genie, Leukardis, Alyssa ...

... and Segan

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