Baronial Coronet Tournament - May 2007
The Stronghold of Warriors Gate hosted the Spring Baronial Coronet Tournament in May 2007. The Arts and Sciences Competition was held for the Coronet. There was a also a heavy fighting tournament for the title of Baronial Fighting Champion. It the largest event held in the Stronghold in recent times, attracting quite a few guests, newcomers, and just plain friends.

Ally and Lord Phtuule.

Arslan beating Larian at traditional board games.

Lord Ivan sitting around working on something.


The beaded tokens given out to the attendees of the Coronet Tournament.

The fighting field, competitors, and some spectators of the heavy fighting tournament.

Larian in armour.

Laurels judging entries in the Arts and Sciences competition.

Swearing in of the new Baroness.

Smiley, Azreal, Phtuule, Ally, Becky, and Bernadette watching Court.

Baroness Katheryne.

Baroness in Court with Lord Phtuule, Larian and Danr.
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