Yule Fest - 2007
With most of the members of the Stronghold bing here away from their families, we held a Yule festival and enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Larian's GLogg was a big hit. Again, the food wad mostly provided by the Osan Officer's Club since we were more interested in enjoying ourselves as opposed to cooking. At this event, we also had fighting, however we never did get any pictures. And as has become our tradition, descending upon Songtan in garb finished out the night.

The Entire Stronghold that was wearing Garb pose in front of te Stronghold banner.

Ever the crafts people, Isabel and Danr work away at some projects while we sit around and relax.

Lord Cynan listen intently as Fadi starts a tale of with, "No kidding, there I was..."

Handing out the gifts from the secret Yule Gift Giver (Some rumour him to be the Yule Tomte).

More tales to be told amongs the gathered guest. Why do they always start off te same way though?

Such a loving couple. Of course, with her in front, she can't stab him with her knitting needles.

And here we go descending upon Songtan. A whole host of Warrior's Gate members don't seem to gather much attention from th Mundanes.

Lord Phtuule and Lady Bernadette, the brother an sister pair that keep the Stronghold running.

Well, with Margaret, Germaine, and Bernadette showing clevage, it finally got the attetion of the Mundanes.
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