Twelfth Night Revel 2001
On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...A PARTY! Lord Edmund and Lady Constance opened their doors and offered their hospitality to the Stronghold for a Twelfth Night Revel. New friends were welcomed, and old friends were farewell'ed. The evening just wouldn't end, either. Half the guests were snowed in by a sudden turn of the weather! Fortunately, there was crash space available, and everyone eventually made it home safe and sound.

Our gracious hosts, Lady Constance (with their older son, Aidan) ...

... and Lord Edmund (holding their younger son, Ian)

Fighters will use anything for a weapon, even wooden spoons!

Colleen shows off her new outfit

Davyd and Lillian made it up to Seoul from Osan

Brian and Reginald clowning with Aidan

Constance and Fernando

"Is he ever going to take that picture?"

"Shut up and keep smiling."

Fernando, Constance, Brian and Shajhar

All good parties wind up in the kitchen

A scene from the less popular Shakespeare comedy: "Two Gentlemen of Korea"

Brian, Shajhar, Cristyne, Morgan and Wei

Ninja Elizabethans

Rogue in training

Morgan spinning a tale

(Oh, yeah, she's definitely a bard)

So, what's the Weather Channel say now?

The following pictures weren't from the Twelfth Night Revel (they're actually of the Thanksgiving dinner the Morleys hosted earlier), but they were in the same batch of pictures.

What a charmer

Dave and Dave

(Actually, Davyd and Korimitsu, but it was more fun to use their mundane names)

What do you want, Aidan?
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