Ambrose's Birthday
With it being both Lord Ambrose and Lord Phtuules birthdays we held an event at the Osan American High School. First we had a tournament where the Lords fought for some roses for their ladies. The ladies did their duty by looking attractive next to the fighting field. In the early evening we had an A&S competition (after the autocrat finished his own A&S and had feast tokens for all) Lady Catya cooked us a wonderful feast and we had a great time with good food, good entertainment and good company.

Phtuule, Elazar, Fathier, Ambrose - I am sure we should be doing something right now thinks Elazar ... yeah ... fight!

Ambrose and Phtuule fighting

Turstin and Ambrose

Fathier as Marchal

Guinever and Ambrose sorting out the Roses

The ladies supporting - Catya and Bernadette

Kharina looking pensive

Ah, this is why we suddenly have so many single male members - Guinevere showing legs


Kharina and Turstin - clearly he won at least one rose for her

Always helpful Seamus bringing armor

Fixing Turstin's arm since someones armor always breaks

Ambrose making tokens

Fathier and Ambrose judging A&S
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