Twelfth Night Revel 2003
The evening of the Twelfth Night and the hailing of the New Year were celebrated in Hannam Village in Seoul. People turned out from all over the Stronghold to join in the fun. Between fighting, classes and an arts competition, there was something for everyone.

Saavik and Benika pay Kathrine at Troll

We also had a few mundanes drop by to see what was going on

Baroness Kirstin, Leukardis, Dan, Jamilla, Ken, Dancer and Howard pose with a visitor

Germaine showing her calligraphy kits to Dan and Benika

Benika, Saavik and Kirstin enjoyed THLady Morgan's blackwork class, but it proved too exhausting for Jamilla

Maestra Eufamia sponsored a people's choice arts competition

Benika's incredible beaded tunic won the day

Also entered were a blackworked napkin,

a very creative gauge for heavy weapons rattan,

and an illuminated
Empty Shell scroll

Not to leave out the fighters, we had an informal bear pit tourney

Ethan takes on Baron Sir Guy
Their Excellencies, Kirstin and Guy Moradain vs. Ethan

Some neighborhood kids came to watch and immediately took a shine to the weapons

Rattan against light saber? Hmmm....

Benika, Dancer and Leukardis braved the cold to watch the fighters

As did Germaine and Dan, but they were a bit distracted


Their Excellencies Kirstin and Guy before Court

Baron Guy opens court and charges everyone to get ready for the next Coronet Tournament

Baroness Kirstin addresses the populace and thanks them for their support of the Barony

Germaine heralds her first Court

Leukardis was granted a Burdened Bouget, and Jamilla was awarded an Empty Shell

THLady Morgan was made Baroness Morgan by reason of a Court Barony from the Crown of the West

(Moradain made the coronet - Thank you Moradain!)

Benika, Leukardis and Johann

Jamilla, Kathrine and Ender

Ender stepped up as our new Seneschal!

Ethan is less than regimental

Moradain displays the Baronial Weapons Champion baldric

No, really, it's not left over Klingon garb
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