Pot Luck
14 Aug 2004 Autocrat: Kathryne, Site:Chapel, Theme:Potluck.

Living in the Far West we often miss out on the SCA tradition. Kathryne gave us a class to teach us a bit more

She was a very entertaining teacher

We all pretened to listen and learned much from the class

OK so maybe some people did pay attention - Sojuking and Alyssa in class

Then we had a mock court since that is something else we dont see here often

After class many had a nap ... it had been a wild pre-revel - Guinevere sleeping

SayHee sleeping

In the spirit of learning we then had a class in beadwok - Segnat and Kathryne learning

and then Alyssa taught us some embroidery - Say Hee and Ambrose learning

Ofcourse the boys had to swing some sticks - Alan and Ambrose

Dont be fooled, we are not really bored ... just thinking up the next trouble we can get into

Alyssa did not only sew for half of Warriorsgate. This was for the stepping up of a friend of her's. Bernadette modeling
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