Ambrose's going away party
It was Ambrose’s going away event, again, as he had previously lived in the barony of the Far West and we decided to set up the event along the banks of the Seoul River in front of the 63 building, the tallest building in S. Korea. We arrived in the early afternoon, set up, got dressed and then played toss with an American football, which was actually quite amusing because all the boys would throw short to Bernadette so they could watch her bend over to pick it up. Next we had a snack and decided to play Bernadette’s S. African taboo game, boys against girls, which we all know is cheating on the girls? parts, because girls are much better at reading each other than boys. The highlights of the game were Bernadette’s and my 8O’s rock band and Kender and the boys Guy Fawkes clues. Her clue was bang, bang, bang, flowers and my answer was ‘Guns and Roses?and Kender’s clues were “who are we??“Guys?and “What to guys like to do? Think dirty.?Fawke.?Close enough boys. Then Ari, the only active child in the group, and his parent showed up and we had feast, arranged by Bernadette and Guinevere, traditional Korean galbi. Next Ambrose was presented with his two Empty Shells, one from the last time he was here. The dragon Empty Shell was illuminated by Baron Stephan and the knight Empty Shell by lady Kahrina. Finally we ended the day with a night ferry ride on the Seoul River. All in all, it was a beautiful venue and a nice day filled with lots of fun, good food, and great friends. lady Kahrina

Kharina and Guinevere

Ambrose and Bernadette

Fathier and Kender trying to play Taboo.

Everyone eating galbi.

Kender with Phtuule fixing the grill

Phtuule telling a tall tale

Guinever and Ambrose with scroll. Eliana and Ari in background
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