Summer Bash 2003
The Stronghold of Warriors Gate held the annual Baronial Birthday Event in conjunction with their own Summer Bash. Both heavy and light weapons tourneys were held, as was a scribal arts competition to help fill the Baronial scroll coffers. There was also feasting, dancing and lots of fun.
The populace watching the heavy weapons tourney and cheering for their favorites
PtUUUUUUle! - HUUUUUUgh! - uh, MoradUUUUUUn!

Lord Moradain tries to come in over Johan's defenses

Johan and Lord Hugh square off from their knees

Hugh and Moradain have at each other

Hugh, Moradain and Johan after the fighting

Moradain went on to win the round robin tourney

This isn't just forced perspective

Lord Wei really is about half again as tall as Germaine
But that didn't stop her from giving him a run for his money
At the end of the light weapons tourney, Wei proved victorious

Lady Seaghnait works on her card loom while Natasha looks on

Quite a few stunning scrolls were entered in the Populace's Choice Arts competition

But Benika's Empty Shell scrolls (the two on top, left) tied for first
Johan, Brant, Saavik and Wei all crashed after a hard day's fun
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