Summer Bash 2001
Fun in the sun!
It was a scorcher, but we had a great time. Lord Fernando autocratted, and Lillian prepared feast. The heavy weapons tourney ended in a tie between Lord Fernando and Lord Trahern. (While they vowed to see it through at a future fighter practice, the tie-breaker never seemed to happen.) The ladies hosted sundry contests for the guys, such as best hand kiss or best pick-up line, much to their amusement! A bardic circle rounded out the evening for everyone.

During a lull, Lord Trahern gets a shoulder rub from Katri

Talking art over an Attic Helm scroll

Trahern awaits his first opponent on the field

One down ...

Lord Fernando and Trahern face off

Katri heralded, Shajhar ran the list, and Lady Sara marshaled

What? Another double kill?!


Andrew and Lord Edmund prepare to cross blades

Double kill!

Lady Constance looks a little worried as Ron turns the meat for feast

But, as you can see, feast came out great

Everyone enjoying the food

Fernando shmoozing on Sara during the hand kissing contest

Just the hand, Fernando!

Hey, who's supposed to be watching Ian?

Wei and Ron talking shop

Lord Johann and Andrew take a break

Kathrine and Vincent

Johann and his cool banner
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