Friendly BBQ - 18 February 2007
Members of the Stronghold of Warrior's Gate held a figter practice and BBQ along with many of our "Friends from Wes's".

Lord Ivan suiting up, and describing his armour.

Lord Ivan is ready for combat.

Lord Phtuule and Lord Ivan face off.

Margaret is on the grill, we consider this a small dry run for her job at the upcoming Coronet.

Tom, Azriel, Bernadette, and Germaine socialize and enjoy each other's company.

Lord Ivan and Lord Phtuule take off their armour and make a beeline for the food.

Friends of the Stronghold enjoy the food, and are curious about our swords.

A quick little movie (2.5MB) of Lord Phtuule not listening to the Marshall calling a "Hold" so he falls on his butt.
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