Vinland Fest - 25 November 2006
Larian plays host to the members of The Stronghold of Warrior's Gate for what is normally a New World Festival. The food is provided by the Osan Officer's Club for the Holiday since Larian was afraid that if he attempted to cook, the population of the Stronghold would plummet. A lot of new members are also starting to show up making these events all the more fun and exciting.

Stronghold members watch some serious combatants take the field. Well, maybe sitting in the sun was the more enjoyable activity.

Rainault and Margaret cheer on the fighters.

Larian and Fadi are all smiles after clubbing each other about te head and sholders.

Aric tries on some armour.

Larian and Fadi discuss te finer points of clubbing things, while Aric nd our Cowboy Friend Frank spar with boffers.

Jon looking comfortable in his new garb.

Margaret and Phtuule listen intently to Cory pontificating on the merits of loaner garb.

Ah, Margaret dazzling the camera with her cleavage.

Again, Larian and Fadi are all smiles, but thi time Aric joins in on the picture.

Catain Foulmouth struts her stuff.

The food is laid out, and people are getting dressed for feast.

Lord Phtuule with his arms around Ally and Catain. Again we descend upon Songtan.

Larian tries to strike a pose.
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