Coronet Tourney 2001
The April 2001 Coronet Tournament was an Arts and Sciences pentathlon. Four gentles, Lady Cristyne, Lord Edmund, Lillian and THLady Morgan, brought out their best A&S entries for the perusal of the judges and the populace. All the entries were fantastic, but only one person could be the new Palatine Baron or Baroness....

His Excellency, Baron Rainald, opens court and thanks the Stronghold for hosting the Tourney

Brian and Wei (off right) stood guard while THLady Morgan heralded

Lord Edmund, our Seneschal, makes a few comments

Lady Constance and Lord Fernando present a gift basket to His Excellency from the Stronghold

Lady Cristyne explains one of her entries to judges Davyd and Constance

Edmund and Lillian standing behind their entries

Morgan and Wei's presentation of an Italian Renaissance dance was well enjoyed

But the favorite of the day was Cristyne's cockatrice subtlety!!

The judges hard at work figuring scores

Brian dodges Baron Rainald's attack

Johann falls beneath Fernando's sword

Fernando and Baron Rainald face off

Dead Fernando


Fernando, Morgan and Constance
Shajhar and Brian Fionn, Maria and Fernando

Ah, the ladies

"Is it hot in here, or is it just me?"
Cristyne and Maria Lillian

The feast

What a spread!

Everyone enjoying the meal

The new Palatine Baroness Morgan and Baron Wei!

Yep, this will be an interesting reign
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