Royal Tour 2001
The Stronghold had the honor of hosting Their Majesties, Hauoc and Ginevra, King and Queen of the West. It was a light and casual affair. Lady Cristyne cooked a wonderful feast, and Kathrine graciously offered her home for the site.

Her Excellency Baroness Morgan finishing up a few scrolls before the event

Her Majesty playing checkers with Aleksandra

(Yes, I know they're chess pieces, but trust me)

While Her Majesty tells tales of mainland SCA, ...

... His Majesty gives a few fighting tips

Lady Cristyne, our feastocrat

"Feast will be ready when *I* say it's ready!"

The thrones before court

His Excellency Baron Wei opens court with a few pithy remarks

The Seneschal, Lord Johann, presents Their Majesties with a gift basket from the Stronghold

Aleksandra receives an AoA ...

... and a Rose Leaf for her work in illumination

Cristyne receives a Burdened Bouget for her devoted efforts to the Barony

She also is awarded a Rose Leaf and Leaf of Merit

Don't cry, Cristyne. You'll get me started!

Baron Wei receives an AoA for his support of the Barony

Baroness Morgan gives Kathrine a necklace to thank her for letting a crowd of SCA'ers invade her home
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