SCA, Inc. - The official SCA web site
Kingdom of the West - Includes Northern California, Nevada, Alaska, and the Pacific Rim
Palatine Barony of the Far West - Includes South Korea, Japan, Guam, Diego Garcia, the Philipines, Singapore and the British Indian Ocean Territory
Warriors' Gate Yahoo Group - Keep up to date with Warriors' Gate activities. Receive emails and post messages and photos. To join the group, send an email to (and backspace over the "-NoSpam" part of the email address).
Warriors' Gate Facebook Group - Another online group for posting events, links, photos and anything else.
Rolls Ethereal - World wide list of SCA members email addresses
People & Places of the SCA - World wide list of SCA web sites
Search Forms for the SCA Armorial - Search engines to find SCA registered names and devices
The Medieval Times - "News Spanning Three Millennia"
The Korea Herald - Reporter Ben Jhoty wrote an article about the Stronghold of Warriors' Gate for the 5/11/2002 Weekender section. Thanks, Ben!
Other SCA related links
Sites that sell clothes, accessories, armour, feast gear, clothing patterns, period cookbooks, period games, all your SCA needs!
Merchants Row - A list of links to merchants that sell SCA related items: garb (clothes), armour, fest gear, etc.
Chivalry Sports: The Renaissance Store - Armour, weapons, clothing and accessories (for men, women and children), jewelry, books, patterns, music, videos, games, and tents
Arms of Valour, Ltd. - Armour, weapons, clothing and accessories. Owned by an SCA member.
Peldyn and Gwyneth's Garb - Men's, women's, and children's medieval and renaissance clothing and accessories
Merchant Adventurers - Men's, women's, and children's medieval and renaissance clothing and accessories
Lady MacSnood - Women's and girls' snoods in a variety of styles, colors, and embellishments
Faire Pair Tights and Such - Tights, tights, and more tights for Men and Women
Dragonfly Designs - A nice collection of period correct clothing patterns
Gipsy Peddler - Rapier garb and late period accessories
Triplette Competiton Arms - Fencing gear for SCA and Olympic style fencers
Cariadoc's Miscellany - A list of period recipes
A Boke of Gode Cookery - An excellent site dedicated to period recipes
Elizabethan Blackwork - Blackwork embroidery archives and patterns
In Service to the Dream - A feature length documentary on the SCA. Your choice of VHS or DVD, shirts, hats, and the movie poster! Check out Mythos Productions to place your orders.
The merchant links above are provided for your convenience only. Although we generally have had positive experiences with goods and services from these vendors, we can not vouch for them. If you have any problems with a particular vendor, please contact them directly.
Miscellaneous Fun Sites
Pictures by Chris - Kirstin is our local shutterbug. She's taken some great pictures of our SCA activities and Asia in general.
The SCA Purity Test - How "pure" are you?
Kingdomality - A quiz to see which middle ages job you would be most suited for.
LEGO does Monty Python - "The Knights of the Round Table" song from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" done with LEGO knights. It is a silly site.
"Society for Creative Anachronism Seizes Control of Russia" - An article from The Onion archives, 26 May, 1999.
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