Stronghold of Warriors' Gate
Constitution / By-laws

I. General Information
A. Name - The name of this organization is the Stronghold of Warriors' Gate (hereafter "SWG").
B. Scope - The SWG is a local branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (hereafter "SCA"). The operational region for the SWG is the Republic of Korea.
C. Purpose - The purpose of the SCA is the study and recreation of the European Middle Ages and Renaissance time periods, their crafts, sciences, arts, traditions, literature, etc. The SCA "period" is defined to be Western European civilization before 1600 AD.
II. Governance
A. General Provisions - This private organization functions under the provisions of DoD 1000.15.
B. Ruling Bodies - The SWG, a branch of the SCA, is within the regional area known as the Kingdom of the West (Pacific Rim). Therefore, the SWG is subject to the by-laws, Corpora, legal doctrine, and safety regulations as prescribed by the SCA and the Kingdom of the West. If any items within the SWG Constitution/By-laws conflicts with the regulations provided by the SCA or the Kingdom of the West, then the SWG documents will be amended to reflect the guidance from the higher authority.
III. Officers
A. The officers will conduct the affairs of the SWG. The following offices may be volunteered for by any SWG member that is also a sustaining or an associate member in the SCA:
1. The SENESCHAL (Regional Vice-President) is the chief administrative officer of the SWG, which includes coordinating the other SWG officers as required for the smooth operation of the stronghold and for its relations with outside agencies.
2. The EXCHEQUER (Treasurer) is responsible for maintaining the financial records of the SWG, supervising the finances of the SWG, and assembling the monthly financial reports and submitting them to the Commander, 34th Support Group.
3. The MARSHAL is responsible for overseeing the conduct of all martial arts activities, including but not limited to tournament lists, wars, combat archery, and period fencing, as well as such related activities as scouting and target archery. The Marshal bears primary responsibility for promoting both the safety and the authenticity of the martial arts in the SWG, but works with other officers in their areas of mutual interest.
4. The MINISTER OF ARTS & SCIENCES is responsible for fostering the study and utilization of historically accurate art forms, as well as those aspects of period culture related to their use. He/She is also responsible for fostering the study of period technologies and philosophies, and their application to artifacts, both as used in the Society and as used in period.
5. The HERALD is responsible for supervising field heraldry and court heraldry at events within the SWG, and for assisting SWG members with the processing of submissions for names and armory.
6. The CHRONICLER (Secretary) supervises all publishing activities of the SWG, keeps the minutes at SWG meetings, and may be the editor of the SWG's web site if there is not a separate Web Minister.
7. The CHIRURGEON is responsible for voluntary first aid at Society events, including assisting participants in tournament combat, notifying attendees of health and safety concerns.
8. The HOSPITALLER greets and assisting newcomers. The Hospitaller handles loaner garb, equipment, and feast gear. He/She may also help to organize accommodations for out-of-town guests.
9. The HISTORIAN is responsible for keeping news clippings and other memorabilia that reflects the history of the SWG.
B. If more than one person volunteers for an open position, then elections will be held to determine who will hold the office.
C. The general term of service for an officer is two years or until the given individual resigns his/her responsibilities or permanently leaves the Republic of Korea.
IV. Membership
A. Membership complies with DoD 1000.15, in that no person because of race, color, creed, sex, age, disability, or national origin shall be unlawfully denied membership, unlawfully excluded from participation, or otherwise subjected to unlawful discrimination.
B. Membership in the SWG is strictly voluntary.
V. Method of Financing
A. Funding will be obtained from the SWG members to finance specific events and/or special activities.
B. The SWG will not perform fund raising with the general public. Any moneys gathered from non-members will only be used to cover the expenses incurred by said non-members' participation in a specific event, e.g. site fee and feast fee.
C. No financial commitment shall be made on behalf of the SWG without the prior approval of a majority vote at a SWG business meeting.
D. A monthly financial statement will be prepared and forwarded to the Seneschal for review. Both the Seneschal and the Exchequer will sign the statement. A copy of the statement will be forwarded to the Commander, 34th Support Group on a monthly basis.
VI. Liabilities
A. Liability Insurance - The SWG will obtain adequate insurance as protection against public liability claims, property damage claims, or other legal actions arising from the activities of the SWG or one or more of the SWG's member acting on its behalf.
B. Financial Liability - Should the SWG, for any reason, cease to exist or operate, individual member(s) of the SWG understand that they may be held personally liable if all the assets of the SWG are insufficient to discharge all liabilities. All residual cash and assets will be liquidated IAW Article X, paragraph B.
VII. Meetings and Activities
A. SWG business meetings should be held on at least a monthly basis. More frequent business meetings can be scheduled if needed.
B. SWG fighter practices should be held on a weekly basis when weather permits.
C. SWG formal events / tournaments should be held on a quarterly basis.
VIII. Safety
A. In order to participate in martial activities, the given individual shall be a sustaining or an associate member in the SCA or sign an event specific release liability wavier.
B. All participants in martial activities must comply with all SCA and Kingdom of the West safety and marshaling requirements to include, but not exclusive to Appendix B of the Corpora of the SCA, the Rules of the List of the SCA, the Marshal's Handbook, the West Kingdom Rapier Combat Rules and Marshalate Manual, and the Kingdom of the West's War Rules and Conventions.
IX. Meetings and Quorums
A. A quorum will consist of a minimum of three officers or fifty percent of the general membership in order to conduct routine organizational business.
B. The Seneschal may act on behalf of the general membership if so warranted in the interest of the SWG. The action taken is subject to review and approval by the general membership.
X. Duration
A. The SWG will remain active until:
1. The SWG has fewer than 5 members.
2. The SWG has fewer than 3 officers (Seneschal, Herald, and Marshal or Minister of Arts & Sciences).
3. The SWG is otherwise dissolved by a competent authority.
B. Upon dissolution of the SWG all funds in the treasury, at that time, will be used to clear any outstanding debts, liabilities, and/or obligations. The balance of these assets will be disposed of as determined by the general membership.
XI. Amendments and Adoptions
A. All proposed amendments to this Constitution/By-laws must be made in writing to the Seneschal, who shall cause it to be distributed to the general membership prior to any action pertaining to the said amendment.
B. A simple majority vote from the general membership at a business meeting is required to amend the SWG Constitution/By-laws.
C. This Constitution/By-laws and any amendments will become effective subject to final review and approval of the Commander, 34th Support Group.
These by-laws were accepted by the Stronghold of Warriors Gate.
These by-laws have been approved by the United States Eighth Army.
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